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Note to all Pizza lovers: Our most popular base ingredients are Italian sausage and pepperoni…..and we don’t skimp on those. Did you know that on a 16” pizza we apply a ½ pound of sausage and 55 slices of pepperoni? On a 14” pizza a ⅓ pound of sausage and 42 slices of pepperoni, and on a 12” pizza a ¼ pound of sausage and 22 slices of pepperoni. WOW! So, keep in mind that our pizzas may be slightly more expensive than others. However, we cannot skimp on our base meats and toppings and still call it a J.T.’s pizza.

J.T's Appetizers

J.T.’s Bowls & Plates

J.T.’s Baskets

All baskets are served with fries or substitute a side salad or tots or cottage cheese for $2.50. All burger baskets are served with lettuce, tomato, pickle & onion on the side.


Design your very own pizza or choose from one of our specialty pizzas


J.T.’s Sauces – Red Tomato Sauce | Alfredo Garlic Sauce | Sweet BBQ Sauce

Toppings – Italian Sausage | Breakfast Sausage | Hamburger | Ham | Pepperoni | Bacon | Banana Peppers | Pepperoncinis | Green Olives | Black Olives | Minced Garlic | Green Peppers | Red Onions | Fresh Mushrooms | Sun-dried Tomatoes | Jalapenos | Pineapple | Tomatoes | Fresh Spinach | Feta Cheese

Specialty Toppings – Italian Beef | Grilled Chicken

J.T.’s Two-Ply Pizza

2 Layers of thin crust, stacked on top of each other with a braided crust. Create your own Two-ply or chose from one of J.T.’s Specialty Pizzas. Comes with a choice of sauce: all Red Tomato Sauce, all Alfredo Garlic, or Both! J.T. recommends trying BOTH sauces!

Cheese Two-Ply Pizza-$14.50| Topping Add-Ons-$2.25 each | Specialty Toppings- $3.25

J.T.’s Specialty Pizzas

Only one substitution please: Meat for Meat or Veggie for Veggie

J.T.’s Kids Menu


J.T. Costelloe’s offers a full sit-down bar. If you choose, you may order and eat at the bar while enjoying your favorite sports on 5 different televisions. We stock most domestic and some specialty beers & seltzers. We also offer Smithwicks, an Irish beer, on draft which is our trademark.