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J.T. Costelloe’s Pizza & Pub
In Business For Over 25 Years

Welcome To J.T. Costelloe’s Pizza & Pub

For over 25 years, John “Coz” Costello and his family has been serving up the most delicious Chicago-style thin crust pizza in the area. Loaded with your favorite toppings, each pizza is cooked using homemade ingredients. View our menu for generous size helpings of your favorite comfort food like spaghetti, burgers and more! And while you’re at it, enjoy one of five arcade casino machines.

Dine in and enjoy your meal around a table or bar with friends, or enjoy a delicious meal at home with our take-out service.

Our Menu

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Note to all Pizza lovers: Our most popular base ingredients are Italian sausage and pepperoni…..and we don’t skimp on those. Did you know that on a 16” pizza we apply a ½ pound of sausage and 55 slices of pepperoni? On a 14” pizza a ⅓ pound of sausage and 42 slices of pepperoni, and on a 12” pizza a ¼ pound of sausage and 22 slices of pepperoni. WOW! So, keep in mind that our pizzas may be slightly more expensive than others. However, we cannot skimp on our base meats and toppings and still call it a J.T.’s pizza.


Toppings Italian Sausage | Breakfast Sausage | Hamburger | Ham | Pepperoni | Bacon | Banana Peppers | Pepperoncinis | Green Olives | Black Olives | Minced Garlic | Green Peppers | Red Onions | Fresh Mushrooms | Sun-dried Tomatoes | Jalapenos | Pineapple | Tomatoes | Fresh Spinach | Feta Cheese

Specialty Toppings- Italian Beef| Grilled Chicken

J.T. Costelloe’s Pizza & Pub