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Welcome to J.T. Costelloe’s! Here we recognize that without our customers, our business would not exist. So, THANK YOU for choosing us!!

Let us tell you a little about ourselves….On June1, 1996, after retiring from LLCC, John “Coz” Costello opened Coz’s Pizza & Pub in a converted pole barn in Curran Illinois, just a few miles west of White Oaks Mall on Route 36. Mrs. Coz served as a bartender and Tim, then 14 years old, assisted in the kitchen, washing dishes and busing tables. This restaurant sat about 35 patrons including a bar for five. Within a few months it was clear the place was too small to accommodate the crowds. With standing room only, patrons chose to place carry-out orders. One particular evening, a family of four was observed hovering over the hood of their car, dining on a 16” pizza. So, on June 1, 2000, the Costelloe’s opened a newly constructed building on Ash Grove Drive in Pleasant Park known as Coz’s Pizza. The building sat over 130 patrons with a lounge that served 28. At the same time, Coz introduced his frozen pizza line and in 2002 he opened a factory just West of Springfield. In 2009, the Costelloe’s sold Coz’s to focus on the frozen line. Then in 2011, Tim expressed interest in returning to the retail side of the business so Coz closed the frozen pizza operation and they opened J.T. Costelloe’s in Piper Glen. June 1, 2021 marks 25 years of the Costelloe’s serving up their famous thin-crust Chicago style pizza to central Illinois.

Now about the pizza..

Our award winning pizza starts with our family recipe. A Chicago style thin-crust dough that is made fresh every morning. No frozen dough or crust here! Each pizza is handcrafted, rolled out from scratch, and then covered with our house made red sauce or the sauce of your choice. We then apply very generous amounts of your favorite fresh toppings. Our trained oven chefs cook our pizzas in traditional stone deck ovens, which only the best, top quality pizzerias use. The conveyor-style ovens used by most restaurants, not only sacrifice quality but eliminate the art of cooking a great pizza all together. Our fresh Italian sausage is also a locally made, private family recipe, comparable to only the best style sausages. No pre-cooked Italian sausage here folks. So sit back and enjoy the complimentary peanuts & popcorn and a beverage while your made to order pizza is prepared.