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to our patrons

Price increases have hit us also. Along with credit card processing fees, the new minimum wage act, the cost of fryer oil, latex gloves, meat, poultry, cardboard carry-out boxes, and dishwasher detergent among others, have almost tripled in the past ten months. Our last menu price increase was 2015. 

Accordingly, to stay open, we must pass along new prices to our patrons.

Starting January 1st, 2022, not all, but select menu item prices will change. A modest increase of beer and liquor is necessary to cover taxes, distributor increases and shipping costs. A 3% container/packaging fee is necessary for carry-out orders to help defray the cost of carry-out containers. We have eliminated the salad bar, however, we have instituted a build your own salad policy that will allow patrons to add any additional veggies to a basic salad (Lettuce, tomato & cheese) at no extra cost. The new price of the salad is $5. Meats on salads cost extra.

At this time, no pizza price increases are on the horizon.

We don’t take this action lightly. Price increases are killing many small businesses. We hope you continue to support us and a huge thank you to those that still support us.

-J.T. Costello